For Teachers


The Kelton House offers two tours for school children:

Underground Railroad Learning Station Tour

(Developed for third and fourth graders, but can be adjusted for middle school and high school students.)

Three-part program:

  • Students take a short tour of the Museum that asks the question, “What was life like for a child in 1852?”
  • Students hear a reading of Under the Quilt of Night (a fictional account of an escape from slavery) and complete an academic workbook.
  • Students view a theatrical presentation presented by actors portraying runaways or abolitionists.

This event takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Cost per child is $4.00. (Some scholarships are available for transportation subsidy by State Auto Insurance Companies.)

Cost per adults is $5.00

Teachers are complimentary.

Educational Materials

Teachers receive “A Child’s View Into the Victorian Era,” a packet of information about life, school days, customs, fashion, entertainment, the age of invention, the Civil War and African-American life during the Victorian Era.

Resource Center

Teachers may use the library of fiction and non-fiction books about the Underground Railroad housed in the Underground Railroad Learning Station.

Permanent Exhibit on the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad Learning Station also houses a permanent exhibit that traces the beginnings of slavery in the United States, early heroes in the battle against slavery, the development of the Underground Railroad movement, the Ohio Underground Railroad, Central Ohio safehouses, and the story of the Kelton family’s involvement.

Awards the Underground Railroad Learning Station has received since 2001 include:

  • Columbus City Council Recognition – 2002
  • Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums Award of Achievement – 2004
  • 27th District of the Ohio House of Representatives District Salute – 2006
  • Time Warner Corporation Save Our History Award – 2007
  • Ohio Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Cultural Outreach Award – 2014

Kelton House Historic House Tour

(All grade levels.)

This tour of the Kelton House focuses on everyday life in Central Ohio during the mid-nineteenth century. Costumed docents lead a tour of the restored rooms of the Kelton family home. Students learn about history through the home’s artifacts and family stories. The tour takes approximately one hour.

Cost per child is $3.00.

To receive more information about Kelton House educational programs for school children, please call Kelton House Underground Railroad Educational Coordinator Mary Oellermann at (614) 464-2022 or contact us.